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Dear Visitor!

Welcome to the homepage of our hunting association! Please let me introduce our group in a few words!

The "KINIZSI" Hunting Association Sümeg in Veszprém county area exercise the hunting rights on 8727 hectare. Area bounded on the west of the Marcal River, south of St. Emeric Village, on north the highway number 8.

Area of ​​the Hunting Association also crosses several rivers, such as the Marcal river, the Torna stream, the Kígyós stream, and the Bertényi ditch.
The Hunting area wildlife are rich big game typically, especially deer, wild boar deer located on the role of small game are minimum.
The hunting area is covered by forests, 8.3%, of which 30% natural, 70% of cultivated forest. The forest areas are typically not connected large forest , so large areas of continuous forest was not found.

Currently there are 25 members in the Hunting Association.

With hunting respects,

Dr. Zsolt Rédei


E-mail: sumeghunting@gmail.com